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Unity Recovery Center offers a successful and multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment called holistic drug rehab. Unity Rehab's holistic drug rehab aims to provide a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the individual as a whole and focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Though holistic treatment has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, it has only recently gained popularity amongst rehab centers and is often viewed as a cutting-edge approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Unity Rehab's holistic drug rehab incorporates the best of all worlds in order to achieve the highest rate of success in rehabilitation. It mixes traditional medicine and psychology with other promising avenues of treatment, such as massage therapy and meditation, which have solid scientific evidence backing their health benefits in rehab. Combining the best of both traditional and alternative treatments, a drug and alcohol holistic rehab center is able to address the mental, physical, and spiritual health of their patients and secure a successful recovery because of this.

Holistic Drug Rehab Program

Unity Rehab uses holistic drug rehab methods to treat the whole individual. In order to obtain long-term recovery, it is essential to treat addiction in a larger context than just the physical aspects. Conventional methods such as detox and coping techniques alone are not enough to ensure a full recovery. Recognizing this, Unity Rehab places equal importance on the physical health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual development of its patients. By combining these treatments, Unity Rehab is better able to determine the root of the addiction, treat the entire individual, and ensure a promising addiction recovery.

Unity Rehab uses treatments such as yoga, massage therapy, and meditation. These therapies, when combined with traditional treatment methods such as individual, family and group therapy and a 12-step program, work together to provide the best treatment possible to our patients. Focusing on the unique needs of all of our patients, we are able to offer individualized treatment programs that are specific to each individual and their addiction. There is no one size fits all approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction. Every patient who enters Unity Rehab is treated as the valued individual they are and not just a faceless addict. Though it is something we do regardless, treating patients with respect and compassion is a key component in holistic rehab.

Our holistic drug rehab offers extensive and multi-faceted drug and alcohol addiction treatments that are aimed to treat the root of an addiction, rather than just the physical symptoms. Here are some things a patient can expect from incorporating holistic rehabilitation into their recovery program:

Individualized Treatment

At Unity rehab, we utilize only the most successful drug treatments and programs. Our patient's success is credited to their own desire to become drug free, as well as the multitude of personalized treatment programs we are able to offer at our recovery center. We believe strongly in supplying patients with a treatment program that has been specifically designed to meet their own addiction needs and concerns. We know that a physical addiction alone is not the only problem a patient must overcome at our holistic rehab center and that there are deeper issues a patient may be struggling with, that also need addressing.

Upon entering our holistic drug rehab center, our therapist will begin the rehabilitation process by engaging in a private therapy session with the patient. This session will give our therapist an idea of the issues a patient may be battling internally and emotionally, in addition to their physical addiction, and will help them create a treatment program that is specifically tailored to the patient's addiction issues and needs. Individualized treatment gives Unity Rehab a chance to work through any deep-rooted issues a patient is struggling with, issues that lead to drug use, providing them with the best possible chance for long-term recovery.

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